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2) Watch the two videos below for an orientation to your new  business.

This will set you up with a foundation of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Set up you entrepreneurial mindset!

3) Watch the compensation video and explore the compensation plan


Look at the average income for each rank in the compensation plan, and visualize a 6 month and one year income goal for your business. Get an idea of what the ranks are and work backward from your goal to create your first month goal.

4) Create your first plan and send it to your upline

Be sure to post in the team page on fb, tag your team, and review every day to stay inspired and taking daily action towards your goal.

This 40 minute video breaks down how and why we do a business and vision plan every month. 

5) When you have completed these steps you will be invited to a coaching call with your upline leader to set up a strategy session and launch your biz!